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Uday Shah - DJ

Updated: Jun 22, 2022


Publishing Date: 2001

Besides dealing between music and a family business in steel, he recharges his creative activities by doing anything from watching T.V to an occasional game of pool or snooker. A passionate lover of cars, he makes it a point to follow motor sports closely, and plans to pick up the Hyundai Station wagon as soon as it is launched. Though he enjoys reading ,the books better be the ‘Hardy Boys’ kinds that are light breakaways from the booming parties and unearthly job hours.

He is basically from Mumbai, Uday shifted to the city during his school years and has since been moving between the two cities. Being a reserved kind of person, this quiet Virgo likes to open up only around close friends, although his job demands being in the focus of the most happening party crowd. According to him the art of being a DJ is a “talent given by God” that he happily shares with all the youngsters easily trained by him and now working at various nightspots in the city. In 1989 he was asked in to manage the music counter at that eventful party, as it is he is a music fan this brought about the change in his working life. He started off ‘accidentally’ at a friend’s party, Uday Shah is absolutely one of the best disc jockeys we have around. One thing led to another and before he knew it, he was being called up by perfect strangers to play music for their bashes! After having a bash with it for a year, at his girlfriend’s suggestion he decided to get professional. He talked about the early 1990’s when the profession was still infantile in the party circuit, that  in those days, they had to manage with cassettes as CD’s were expensive and not easily available.


In 1993, one of his first big breaks burst up when he performed as a D.J. for a party hosted by pop-singer Apache Indian who was in the city as part of his Indian tour. Seven eventful years into the field for him have seen numerous blowing parties, to name a few like the MTV Party Zone bash in 1995 and the War of the DJ’s in 1998. While at the job, he plays anything from retro to techno to get the party into the rhythm, but personally digs soft rock and the music of the ‘80s.

Uday also co-ordinates for various Mumbai-based event management outfits like Fountainhead. A man with a mission, he plans to get into the ‘sound’ business in a big way. “I want to create awareness that people in Pune can do a better job, if given a chance”, he states positively about the fixation with leasing equipment from Mumbai whenever there is a big show in town.

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