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JBL and Crown Amps Up NH7 Weekender Music Festivals

Source: PALM Technology

Publishing Date: 20 April, 2022

The NH7 Weekender music festivals successfully re-launched itself after a two-year break from the pandemic at Mahalakshmi Lawns in Pune on the 26th and 27th March 2022 with HARMAN.

NH7 Weekender festival has focused on the community it has created, giving audiences unique and safe experiences for the past 11 years. The on-ground event featured a fully Indian line-up of music and comedy enforced with safety measures, due to the third wave. NH-7 Weekender entertained over 25000 music fans in two days with an ultimate music festival with HARMAN Professional Solutions.

Sound effects, Harman Professional Solutions's Touring sound rental partner reinforced sound for three out of five stages at NH-7 Weekender Music Festival. The JBL VTX system with Crown Amplifiers was deployed on Casa Bacardi, Redbull Off the Roof & Comedy Stages.

"This NH7 was super special for everyone involved as it was being held after a gap of Two years due to the pandemic. We and the client knew from day one that we wanted to make this experience extra special for everyone. We were assigned 4 stages - Redbull off the Roof, Casa Bacardi, Comedy Stage & Camp Tinder," said Uday Shah, owner Sound effects.

Casa Bacardi was equipped with 18 JBL VTX V25-II on each side for the FOH enforcement, 18 JBL G28 subs for FOH, eight JBL VRX915M Floor monitors, two JBL STX825 side fills, two JBL STX828s side fills, four JBL VRX932LA front fills, JBL VRX918s for Drum fill, eight Crown IT 12000HD VRacks, and six Crown MA5000i amplifiers

Redbull Off the Roof had 12 JBL VTX V25 at FOH, 12 JBL VTX S28 FOH, six JBL VRX 915M Floor Monitors, JBL VRX 918s Drum fill, four JBL VRX 932LA, six Crown IT12000HD VRacks and four Crown XTi6002 amplifiers for amplification.

Comedy Stage enforced with eight JBL VRX 932LA FOH, four JBL STX 828s, FOH, four JBL VRX 915M Floor Monitors, four JBL SRX 835 for Out fills, four CROWN MA5000i amplifiers, three Crown XTi6002 amplifiers with one DBX DRIVERack 360DSP.

Sound Effects was able to able to finish the set up & sound checks two days prior the festival. The sound design was executed safely to ensure there was no spill-over or sound bleed onto the other stages. "Like every festival the most challenging part is keeping the sound volume in check, along with the length and throw of the sound. Thanks to the JBL LAC (line array calculator) all this was achieved easily," comments Uday.

"It has always been a matter of joy and pride for our company to work on NH7. A special thanks to Manish Chandnani, Head- Live, Nodwin Gaming for giving us this opportunity yet again," concludes Uday.

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