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Uday Shah started his journey in the music industry at the age of 16 years. What started as a hobby, turned into his profession! He became the first DJ of Pune city back in 1988. He was the first DJ who gave DJing a professional approach in the city. Six months down the line he designed his own set of speakers, entering into the world of professional audio rental business.

His passion for live music is the reason why he wanted to deliver international quality sound for all live events in the city. It is his knowledge and experience of three decades in the industry that has guided and led his team with creativity and innovation. Uday has carved out his niche, in the audio & entertainment industry, as one of the most trusted and go-to resources in pro sound & audio equipment rentals in the country.

Other than being an avid “rocker”, Uday is also an ardent animal lover and continues to work silently for their welfare. He is a doting daddy to his numerous four-legged children who jump with joy on his arrival. Uday loves spending his free time in the company of his friends and family or catching up on movies.


When your passion becomes your profession, you haven't worked for a single day. It's been more than thirty years that

I have been working... and it has been a wonderful life.

- Uday Shah

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