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Sunburn Goa Comes Alive with JBL Sound

Source: PALM Technology

Publishing Date: 23 February, 2022

India’s most awaited live music festival- Sunburn Goa, connected with Sound Effects to set up the sound for the main stage. The Pune-based sound rental company reinforced JBL Sound Solution for the 2021 festival.

It was essential to reinforce even sound coverage without having any sound spillage to the other stages throughout the live event. "To ensure optimized system performance on the main stages, our team relied on JBL VTX and STX speakers and subs assembled in different configurations, tailored to the needs of the main stage and the genre it represented," said Uday Shah, Owner, Sound Effects.

The Line Array Calculator (LAC) simulation software accurately deployed the design and prediction of acoustic performance of JBL VTX Line Array systems.This significant tool helped the Sound effects team to achieve incredible power, depth, and clarity with minimal system tuning.

Sound effects deployed 12 tops of JBL VTX V25-II on each side for the FOH enforcement, three JBL VTX S28 Subs below the speaker towers on each side, 18 JBL VTX G28 Subs in the center cluster with a time delay between each of them and four JBL VTX V25-II Centre Fills on top of 18 VTX G28 Subs put in the center cluster.

One JBL VTX V25-II on top of JBL VTX S28 as out fills on each side, two JBL STX825 & STX828s for VIP Area on each side and Crown IT-12000HD Amplification to power the complete setup.

“For a festival like Sunburn and the crowd it has been attracting year on year, the JBL VTX V25-II along with G28 & S28 Subs was the perfect combination one could deploy from the house of HARMAN Professional,”said Uday.

The full-size three-way high-directivity line array JBL VTX V25-II includes a waveguide for further throw and wavefront control that deliver room for headroom or punch and clarity, which are essential concerning the genre of music at Sunburn.

Further Uday adds, "EDM has a lot of understated effects that sometimes get lost in other PA systems. For the clarity of the JBL VTX system, you could hear every detail in the music, and the VTX S28 and G28 subwoofers flawlessly delivered the impact necessary to get the dancefloor rumbling. It has the most accurate PA I have heard in the industry. I could get more into the technical details to explain what makes the system sound phenomenal!"

Sound effects did not face challenges in the installation process as they rightly analyzed the main stage for Sunburn Goa and kept space for headroom given the genre of music played at the festival. It took two days to install the acoustic setup for the event, which the team started on 25th December 2021.

“There is no question that Sunburn is an experience. It is so much more than a music festival. For the entire team of Sound Effects, setting up the sound for the main stage of Sunburn Goa 2021 itself was a wonderful experience of five days – two days of setting up & three days of the event. Working alongside Wouter Asselman, Sound Engineer, Armin Van Buuren was truly phenomenal. The fact that we had compliments pouring in from not just the artists and the organizers but also the audience in general, had us feeling absolutely stoked!” concludes Uday.

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