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Afrojack Kicks Off Tour With Powersoft K20s

Updated: Jun 22, 2022


Publishing Date: 2016

India Reigning DJ icon Afrojack rocked the house with a four-city tour held in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. The string of concerts were organized by Percept Live under the “Sunburn Arena” banner, and were a major success attracting over 15,000 attendees in each city.

Amongst which, the sound reinforcement and design for the Pune and Kolkata outfits were awarded to Udaiy Shah, Founder of SoundEffects.Com, who chose to deploy their trusted Sound Capital Pro Audio systems for the event. “Our engineers designed the system for both the concerts and aligned it according to the respective venues,” shared Udaiy.

The Front of House was duly powered by 20 units of Sound Capital Pro Audio SC3000 three-way line arrays driven by QSC’s PLD 4.5 amplifiers, alongside 20 units of SC-8000 dual 18” subwoofers powered by five Powersoft K20s. Ensuring that sound is equally distributed throughout the venue were eight SC5000 front fills.

For stage monitor, six SC9000LX two-way line arrays were deployed, as well as two KS dual 18” subwoofers powered by the reliant Powersoft K20. Four further M-1000 were assigned as floor monitors to constitute the whole package.

The Powersoft K20 was specially chosen for its efficiency. Only five amplifiers were used to power the entire rack of the SC8000 Subs. This added to the ease of operation, monitoring and transport,” Udaiy raved. “What’s most impressive about the Powersoft K20 is its tone and the steady power that it delivers continuously. The K20 stood still throughout the event with enough headroom complimenting the SC8000 subs.”

The concert was further supported by an Avid SC48 console at FOH and a Yamaha TF5 for the Monitor Mix, specifically deployed for singer Faisal who accompanied Afrojack for a live set. For his performance, Faisal utilised a selection of Shure ULX-D Handheld microphone, the Sennheiser G-3 in-ears, along with the M-1000 Wedge Monitors. The whole system was processed using the Lab.gruppen Lake LM44 and LM26 series.

“We had an amazing event both at Pune and Kolkata. It is one of the most memorable tours!” concludes Miss Shipra Venkatesh, Production Manager for Sunburn Music Festival.

Powersoft S.p.A. Executive Director – India, Karl Kahlau adds, “Not only are we, as manufacturer of high-performance pro-audio amplifier systems, pleased with being part of this array of events, but Mr. Shah efficiently put Powersoft on the EDM-map when using our products in this impressive tour. It is a pleasure to support the SoundCapital product portfolio as well as SoundEffects by them using the Powersoft K20’s as workhorse for their subwoofers.”

“We all know the EDM movement is significant in this region and there is no doubt in our minds that Powersoft efficiently excels in this industry-segment with its products and technologies. We look very much forward in the continuance of these activities and thank the team at SoundEffects for their dedication and performance.”

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